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We know what you want for Christmas.

Unfortunately, Conspiracy Science won’t be published until 2023. So, if you’ve already read What Is Conspiracy?: More Than a Theory and you want to continue your education, you’ll just have to wait.

But don’t you want to go beyond reading about conspiracy science? I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to let people know you’re one of the more intelligent people who actually understand conspiracy – and have the guts to flaunt it?

Conspirashop’s merchandise is organized under Clothing, Home and Living, and Accessories.

Crazy mega-shit like 9/11, the coronavirus “plandemic,” the war in Ukraine, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton have spawned a new generation of conspiracy addicts. Unfortunately, many will go astray and become followers of kooks like Alex Jones or Bernie Sanders. Cool people embrace conspiracy science. But even scientists can have fun, so let’s go shopping

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