How do conspiracy theorists dress? How should they dress?

When I launched this store, I had more than 50 designs. Major icons include the infamous pyramid and all-seeing eye, connect-the-dots, magnifying glasses, question marks, and skeptics. There are also several designs promoting free speech.

The six designs below are designed for either light or dark backgrounds.

Selective Backgrounds Backgrounds.

All other designs can be displayed on a variety of backgrounds.

Versatile Images

Pyramid and All-Seeing Eye

Pyramids and all-seeing eyes figure most prominently in four designs that might be loosely described as badges or logos. Each design includes a version with the URL

Conspiracy Badges


Connect-the-dots themes include two basic designs with five color variations. Each design includes a version with the URL

Connect the Dots

Magnifying Glasses

Magnifying glasses figure prominently in seven designs promoting the terms conspiracy science and conspiracy analysis.

Magnifying Glasses

Question Marks

Question marks inspired eight designs celebrating free speech and … feet?

Question Marks

Mr. Skeptic

Mr. Skeptic mingles with still more pyramids and question marks in these additional designs. In fact, Mr. Skeptic is made out of question marks. How many question marks can you count in this Geobop mascot?

Miscellaneous Designs



Finally, there are several designs consisting only of the URL—perhaps the best conspiracy website on the internet. Each image can be displayed on any color background. Images with a vertical orientation are convenient for placing on items such as sell phone cases.

A really cool combination might consist of a URL on the back of a shirt, with a more complex design on the front (or vice versa).